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Dear Hong Kong,
Dear Hong Kong,

Dear Hong Kong, is a picture book of 200 pages featuring inspiring people from different countries, all living in Hong Kong. Book will display their portrait and their story, the essence of who they are and what they do in the city.
The final goal of the project is to show the ultimate diversity of the city through personal stories that inspire, break existing stereotypes and widen horizons.

Core values


We want to make an inventory of how many nationalities live in Hong Kong, one of the most international cities in the world.


Giving voice to people from different backgrounds and highlighting the contribution of their cultures to the city.


This is an art project, where photographers will imprint their style in capturing the essence of the different individuals featured.


Inspire and widen the reader's horizons. Show different paths to happiness and help raise awareness of social issues.

Breaking stereotypes

Changing the idea the society has about ethnic minorities in the city and showing them their international neighbours.


We give voice to individuals who are not usually represented and share their unusual yet inspiring stories.

Our Hongkongers and their stories
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    Noel Hayes (Barbados)

    Colorful rhythms and caribbean vives. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it

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    Ding Lyanting (Hong Kong)

    Digital nomad, dancer. Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

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    Joanna Rivero (Venezuela)

    Product manager, world traveler. The ocean is everything I want to be. 
Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.

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    Rudy Ibarra (USA)

    Kung Fu master. In order to be who you are, you must first let go of who you think you are

How can you help?

Please share with us the details from someone you know in Hong Kong who comes from a different country, someone inspiring, with a story worth sharing. Someone with a high drive on making a positive impact in the world, or with a story that may help and elighten others.

Research, interviewing and writing intern

We are looking for journalists, journalism students or related studies, highly motivated individuals who resonate with our values. They should feel at ease in an international environment and have the willingness to to help to raise awareness on social inclusion in Hong Kong.

Communications/Social media expert

Someone with experience or high interest in communications and social media management. Will oversee all Dear Hong Kong touchpoints, from website to facebook, instagram, book publishing and exhibition management.


Amateur or professional photographer with expertise in human portraits and a deep curiosity on diversity and inclusion. Please send us your portfolio and idea on the style you would like to do the portraits. There will be around 10 portraits assigned per photographer.


We are also offering volunteering opportunities to individuals who want to be part of an international team of highly motivated professionals working on raising awareness on social issues in Hong Kong. Drop us a line and tell us which are your interests and superpowers!


Pre-order your copy and make it happen

Here you will be able to pre-order a copy of the book, and we'll send it to you once the project is completed. Your name will be printed in the book as one of the contributors. Through this crowdfunding campaign you help to make the project come true.

Who are behind DEAR HONG KONG

Oskar Valles

Dream Architect

After 8 years in Hong Kong Oskar wants to give back to the city doing a project to increase social awareness in diversity and inclusion. Having worked in related Ethnic minorities organisations, he deeply believes in the unity of all humans, regardless of race, occupation, religion or any other excuses people sometimes use to separate themselves from others.

Aggie Lam

Human stories explorer

Being a local HKer who has travelled to 37 countries, Aggie truly understands how powerful and impactful face-to-face communication can be. Her life mission is to collect and discover as many inspiring stories as possible. She's driven to slowly influence people around her to be more compassionate in order to achieve mutual understanding and respect among people across different backgrounds. She currently works in a social enterprise focusing on cultural education.


Alvin Yip

Written word magician

Being raised in Hong Kong, Alvin has long developed his loving sentiment towards his homeland. He is a new graduate of Translation Studies and Linguistics in HKU. With his passion and interests in language studies, he believes in the power of language as a good and intimate medium for everyone to get involved in the local culture of a lovely place like Hong Kong. Alvin is recently working on spreading Cantonese and local Hong Kong cultures. He is mainly responsible for the translation and language editing in the team of Dear Hong Kong.

Bradley Aaron


Bradley is on the threshold of having lived in Hong Kong for longer than any other city. His years here have been characterized by the struggle of Hong Kongers to present an identity of the territory defined on its own terms rather than by ties to an outside culture. As he passes the final months before becoming a permanent resident, he has joined the Dear HK project as a photographer to help to document and share the role of Hong Kong’s diversity in the city’s emerging self-definition.

photo credit: Simon Mak

Nifraz Rifaz


Nifraz was born and bred in Sri Lanka. A corporate animal for much of his life, Nifraz later traveled to London and Hong Kong on work, which he believes, aided in enhancing his understanding of his own identity and the power of stories. He believes that stories have the power to break stereotypes, give voice to the voiceless and change perspectives. He tells stories through writing, standup storytelling and painting. He has already published two short stories. Nifraz is now based in Hong Kong and working on his maiden novel.

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Do you want to be one of the photographers in the book? Do you have a background in Journalism or diversity studies and want to do an internship with us? Do you resonate with our values and want to join the team? Call us or drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.